I should be letting go, I should be trying to heal, accept and start all over, but I cannot do that my heart won’t let me. Today we happy, tomorrow it’s mystery. I wish I could make things right but it seems impossible. I think we have been through a lot that we could be together and again I  think we have been through so much that we just have to stick together. I feel as if this is not the reason for us to let go. I mean that is my past, we in the presence, heading to the future so why do you want to take all that away (us, the relationship, our love) for a man that I previously dated but not dating, for a Facebook message you had found which belongs to the past. As I am typing I do not know where we stand, I am not certain about our future, I assume you making plans without me. Is my past so important that you want to let go? Why don’t I look deep in your past? because I feel that it does not concern me. I mean this was before you came into the picture, it was then. Why can’t we be happy forever and not fight over little things. He said that I am making him a rebound, he said that I was rejected by my ex-boyfriends that is why I am with him. Well, the truth is I am with him because I love him, I am with him because he asked me to give him a chance to be in my life and I did just that, never in my mind or heart I had selected him as a rebound but the man of my dreams. Does this mean my dreams  with him will be shuttered, does this mean I have to forget about everything, does this mean I should start deleting pictures on my computer and Facebook, and does this mean it is the end of the road? And if yes; where do I go from here, how do I digest this, how do I accept the fact that he is gone and will I ever love again? To be honest I am tired of relationships. The only relationship that I want is the one we have, I do not wish to start all over with a new person that I do not even know, nor sure if he will love me.