Let me share with you a piece one of my friend  wrote to me when I asked her to email me her experience of Love. Thus I can add it to a book that I am currently writing.

She wrote:

“I personally do not have any significant experiences about love and relationships but I declare to share my experiences truly and honestly.

I remember my first true love, I was 15 at the time; probably still naïve. Most people would think he’s my virgin breaker considering the fact that he was my 1st love, but no he wasn’t. He just happened to be a guy who stole my heart in a way that no other guy has ever stole my heart before.

The relationship has always been amazing, close to perfect for the first 8months,this is what most people would call the honeymoon phase. Everything was great, there was no cheating, no fighting and the sex was amazing☺. This all came to a crash after one afternoon when I suspected that I’m pregnant, I had to tell my mom so that we could come with a solution. When I told him about this he freaked out and told me that I had to terminate the pregnancy. We fought about it and when I went for a sonar I found out that it was a false alarm. After a few weeks he dumped me because I was too “immature” and “inexperienced” for him.

Life went on, I moved on and now three years later, I am writing this. I’m writing this as a grown woman, an understanding woman and most importantly a happy woman. Most female readers would probably judge me. Most female would also judge me that after this ordeal of my 1st true love, I decided to be selfish about my own happiness.

As I am typing this, I currently came out of a relationship as ‘the other woman, well basically a ” side chick.” I know it wasn’t fair on the other woman but the “main chick” wasn’t the reason I came out of this relationship, the reason I came out of that relationship was simply because the guy no longer made me happy, he became too clingy for my liking. My reason for telling my story as “the side chick” is because of the controversy around this issue. “Main chicks” or whatever they call themselves, label other women forgetting that their “hubbies” are the ones who approached these women. I get the fact that the “other woman” probably knew about the woman he’s with when he approached her. Ask yourself this though: You busy labelling most women out there, calling them whores, etc… but it is not their fault that your man can’t keep his dick to himself, some women are like me, they’re selfish of their happiness, we don’t care that we are happy on someone else’s tears. It’s all about being happy.

To all the women in serious relationships, I wish you all the best to, and consider yourself  all lucky to find ” the one”. As for me, I don’t think I’ll be trusting any guy really soon. One of the reasons being that a friend of mine recently found out she’s HIV positive and she became infected by a man she has only ever slept with, they dated for four years, had a child together and they had a really promising future together, and they were sooo In love.”