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Ending a relationship is not easy, it is not a child’s play losing the one you love so much. I remember when my ex-boyfriend sent me text messages, he called, and threatened to kill himself if I do not forgive him and fix our relationship. He could not accept the fact that I was leaving him, it was killing him that he found himself laying in the hospital. It is very painful when one leaves you, especially for the next person. It is heart-breaking losing someone you love over mistakes that you were warned about. It is indeed a suicidal situation at times especially when you have invested all your love and time on that person. When you dedicated all the years to a person, it is hard to let go nor accept the betrayal (we all know that). One feels betrayed, hurt, and miserable (you name it). I wish I could change the outcomes of relationships, I wish people could love each other unconditionally, I wished that people could stick to the one and only partner they love, and not hurt each other. I wonder why we tempted to have what’s others, I wonder why we oath to taste what is others and does not belong to us.

Why can’t we have one and not multi-partners?

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Pride is an inwardly directed emotion that carries two common meanings. It can impact you negatively and positively, but do not let you control you. It has affected many relationships and lives and left people with so much unsaid.


But how?

How does one stay happy and shake-off the feeling of being unhappy and lonely whilst you have the people around you who care about you?

I try not to let sadness get in my way, I try to smile even when I am not fine and I try to control my emotions to switch to a happy mood  but all of this does not seem to work. It’s as if I must understand and adapt to this feeling but I do not want to.

I wish there was a remedy to eliminate this feeling forever.

Now i know.


I was deeply thinking as to where my passion for writing came from? and it snapped that when I was young I used to love writing music, poets and how I felt. It is just amazing how little things could turn out into an amazing talent.

Does she Love you unconditionally?

A man thought that he was loved but not knowing that she loved him for what he had. I wish he was there to see the pain he left upon the hands of his family.

My aunts ex-husband was a bitch… he left my aunt 3 years ago and constantly came to see his children. He left my aunt with a broken-heart and the hope that his man will come back again to her, so they can be lovers again. She loved him with all she had and when he came and went she worried less because she knew one day he will come back.

Jeff apparently married a young woman whom they dated for years. He thought it was true but he was blinded. After a while he got sick and demanded a divorce but the young lady refused. He got worse in a manner that he failed to speak, walk nor see, but before that he made a confession to his family, “apologising for everything and wishing he could regain all the time and moments wasted.” But it was too late.

Did he really have to come to my aunt when he was close to dying? But that is what most man do… my grandfather did the same to my grandmother (came back when he was dying)

He died after three months, he died on the 4th October 2015. And the wife he was married to came through and demanded his husband’s car, she could not wait for his burial to pass, all she ever wanted was materialistic things. The sad part is that, she did not come to his “husbands” funeral. My aunt who was left with the broken-heart, who faced depression because of this man, who lost weight, who could not focus on his life and put herself together arranged for his funeral and buried him because she loved him.

See what love does? Thus choose carefully on whom you spend the rest of your life with.



                                                      My cousin wrote:

“Dad I hope wherever you are, you are reading while I am typing. Dad I was really shocked and deeply hurt when my granny told me that you passed on. I did not know what to do, I still do not know what to do. I was planning to come to you today, to talk to you and tell you how deeply sorry I am for not being the child you wanted me to be.

I remember everything that we have been through and I will never forget. I remember one day when I broke a plate and you gave me a hiding. I remember when you first washed my hair. I remember those night kisses and those morning hugs before I go to school. I remember the way you yelled at me when I forgot to unlock the car before I opened it and the alarm went on. I remember you bringing us food and buying us cold drink when we were starving. I remember seeing you every morning before I went to school and every after school. I am thinking about you and the days we used to share and it drives me crazy. It is really killing me. I will never forget how you used to fight all my battles for me, whether I did right or wrong you didn’t want to know what was happening. You always wanted the best for me. You did everything I ever wanted. The time I saw you get sick I was heartbroken but short tempered towards you, you know that’s how I am. I am disappointed in myself for not spending time with you. Why did you leave me, why couldn’t you just stay? My world is nothing without you. I cannot believe that I will never hear your voice again. I don’t know what to do with myself. I wish to feel you holding me, I wish to feel you touch me.

You’re gone and I’m lost without you, but I know I’ve got to live and make it somehow. The only thing I’m left with is a photo of you and memorise of us, the good and bad stuff. I love you dad, I love you like a father who loves their children. It’s hard to say goodbye. I can’t believe that I will never hold you near. I don’t know what to say so I won’t say anything because this is not goodbye. I believe you’re with me now and forever will be. You’re my angel. I wish God gave you a second chance just for me to talk to you once again. I can’t stop crying but because you never wanted to see me cry I’ll wipe my tears. You would rather give up your life than to see tears in my eyes. I wish you could come back to me, I hope you can hear me.


Your daughter, Tina.


I believe in God and I again believe in Ancestors.

Today my bones said, “It is time to emerge from your safety zone and begin to use your time more effectively. The clock is ticking and you have much to do… (Spice up your love life).

How wonderful?

Thus i advice you to do the same. 


I have been troubled for the past week in a manner that I forgot all the other important things in my life.  His death destroyed me and now it is building me, it has shown me how short life is, it has taught me to respect life, people and family… and again enlightened me to never be a procrastinator.

I from now on shall do what my heart and the lord tells me. And I will never wait until it is too late. I shall blog, write, dance, sing, do everything that I wish to do and tell my family that I love them before is too late.

I felt as if it has been ages since I had blogged and expressed myself to the world.

#don’t wait till it’s too late

Thinking about my readers.


As I was laying on the bed, I thought about the people who would love to read my book and do not have this R200,76… and I thought let me compromise and at least set my list price to R130,00 ($9.30).

And for those who do not have money at all I advice you to check-out my blog. Link: and the result will show (Moments.Love And click on it and read more about the journey of my book and the book in general hence I highlight quotes from the book.

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