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Passion is a driver to success, sometimes it destructs  you… depending on what kind of passion. But with me, my passion has driven me to do good; to not sleep, to work towards my goal and I finally reached it. But that does not mean I am stopping and relaxing now that my dream has come to pass because I still have other dreams to fulfil. There is no end but continuation.

My book inspires me to do better, it encourages to write more, it persuades me to experiment further. It might or might not sell as I have measured but from the word go it was not about money but sharing the word, experiences and giving out motivation.

You know when you passionate about something, you will do it at anytime, anywhere, with or without payment… because you love it.



Quick look from Love And Affiliation.

Let me share with you a piece one of my friend  wrote to me when I asked her to email me her experience of Love. Thus I can add it to a book that I am currently writing.

She wrote:

“I personally do not have any significant experiences about love and relationships but I declare to share my experiences truly and honestly.

I remember my first true love, I was 15 at the time; probably still naïve. Most people would think he’s my virgin breaker considering the fact that he was my 1st love, but no he wasn’t. He just happened to be a guy who stole my heart in a way that no other guy has ever stole my heart before.

The relationship has always been amazing, close to perfect for the first 8months,this is what most people would call the honeymoon phase. Everything was great, there was no cheating, no fighting and the sex was amazing☺. This all came to a crash after one afternoon when I suspected that I’m pregnant, I had to tell my mom so that we could come with a solution. When I told him about this he freaked out and told me that I had to terminate the pregnancy. We fought about it and when I went for a sonar I found out that it was a false alarm. After a few weeks he dumped me because I was too “immature” and “inexperienced” for him.

Life went on, I moved on and now three years later, I am writing this. I’m writing this as a grown woman, an understanding woman and most importantly a happy woman. Most female readers would probably judge me. Most female would also judge me that after this ordeal of my 1st true love, I decided to be selfish about my own happiness.

As I am typing this, I currently came out of a relationship as ‘the other woman, well basically a ” side chick.” I know it wasn’t fair on the other woman but the “main chick” wasn’t the reason I came out of this relationship, the reason I came out of that relationship was simply because the guy no longer made me happy, he became too clingy for my liking. My reason for telling my story as “the side chick” is because of the controversy around this issue. “Main chicks” or whatever they call themselves, label other women forgetting that their “hubbies” are the ones who approached these women. I get the fact that the “other woman” probably knew about the woman he’s with when he approached her. Ask yourself this though: You busy labelling most women out there, calling them whores, etc… but it is not their fault that your man can’t keep his dick to himself, some women are like me, they’re selfish of their happiness, we don’t care that we are happy on someone else’s tears. It’s all about being happy.

To all the women in serious relationships, I wish you all the best to, and consider yourself  all lucky to find ” the one”. As for me, I don’t think I’ll be trusting any guy really soon. One of the reasons being that a friend of mine recently found out she’s HIV positive and she became infected by a man she has only ever slept with, they dated for four years, had a child together and they had a really promising future together, and they were sooo In love.”

Nobody knows it but me.

I should be letting go, I should be trying to heal, accept and start all over, but I cannot do that my heart won’t let me. Today we happy, tomorrow it’s mystery. I wish I could make things right but it seems impossible. I think we have been through a lot that we could be together and again I  think we have been through so much that we just have to stick together. I feel as if this is not the reason for us to let go. I mean that is my past, we in the presence, heading to the future so why do you want to take all that away (us, the relationship, our love) for a man that I previously dated but not dating, for a Facebook message you had found which belongs to the past. As I am typing I do not know where we stand, I am not certain about our future, I assume you making plans without me. Is my past so important that you want to let go? Why don’t I look deep in your past? because I feel that it does not concern me. I mean this was before you came into the picture, it was then. Why can’t we be happy forever and not fight over little things. He said that I am making him a rebound, he said that I was rejected by my ex-boyfriends that is why I am with him. Well, the truth is I am with him because I love him, I am with him because he asked me to give him a chance to be in my life and I did just that, never in my mind or heart I had selected him as a rebound but the man of my dreams. Does this mean my dreams  with him will be shuttered, does this mean I have to forget about everything, does this mean I should start deleting pictures on my computer and Facebook, and does this mean it is the end of the road? And if yes; where do I go from here, how do I digest this, how do I accept the fact that he is gone and will I ever love again? To be honest I am tired of relationships. The only relationship that I want is the one we have, I do not wish to start all over with a new person that I do not even know, nor sure if he will love me.

Quote from Love And Affiliations

Confusion can lead you to wrong doings

“It was a beautiful weekend, I had no plans but to stay indoors as usual. I received a call from my brother asking me to prepare myself because he will pick me up in two hours. Before I could even respond, he hung up. ‘How rude of him,’ I thought. I did exactly what I was ordered to do hence I was bored at home, so an outing would do.

After two hours my brother arrived accompanied by his friend, which is my ex-boyfriend. ‘I thought you said we are going out, just you and me,’ silently thinking. I jumped in the car and he drove to a place where we could be comfortable to have food and drinks. I was not feeling comfortable at all, I was mumbling, I did not know what to say to him but I kept on talking to Mfana (the brother). You know, no matter how you broke up with a soul, when you meet again you link, it seems as if the love arouse. I could not stop but stare at my-ex, thinking to myself ‘what went wrong, why couldn’t we be together forever?’

After few glasses of Vodka. Andisa and I spoke as if we were still lovers, smiled at each as if it was the first time, and all of a sudden we decided that we will go home together without even consulting Mfana if he was okay with it or not. On our way to his house, I told my brother that I will be sleeping at my ex-boyfriends house. My brother could not believe it. “Mmabatho aren’t you going home?” asked Mfana. ‘No. I am not going home,’ iterated Mmabatho. My brother was shocked, he had never went through such an experiment in his life, and he felt as if he was giving away her sister. He dropped us off with a sad heart, not knowing what to say to us, he felt used and said to him; ‘next time you want to be with my sister, collect her yourself,” and he switched on the engine and left.

We got comfortable in the house not even thinking of him nor how he was feeling where ever he was at that moment. While we were having a pillow talk, we decided to reunite, but at that certain moment and time I was in a relationship with another man. I loved that man, although the relationship with him was complicated in a way that I just had to leave but I couldn’t. I was afraid of loneliness, therefore I held on what was broken. I made a promise to him that I will leave my current man for him.”

I was confused, I clearly did not know what I wanted. I bet emotions were speaking for me.

It was all a dream after all.

I have always wished to be a blogger, I had a passion to write for and to people from a young age. I started writing a book when I was 10 years old, it was about my childhood and growing without your parents whilst they breathing, it is not in stores as yet because I have not found a publisher and now I am done with my second book ‘Love And Affiliation’ (Clandestine). I believe in myself, therefore when the time is right, they shall be in stores. I always had a passion to express myself to you, and I followed this passion and never gave up. Some of my stories are going to touch you, some will heal you, you will learn, gain knowledge, understand and you will be somehow glad to hear my stories because they might encourage you to give up on what is not worth it and some will encourage you to never give up and strive for what belong to you. My aspiration is for my readers, followers, friend and my lover to walk this journey with me. As I am sharing my experience of Love and Relationships. You welcome to comment and teach me more if you can. My failures and achievements will be firstly known by you because this is the place were I express myself.

My man always say, “It always seems impossible until it is done!”

Quote_Love’s challenge… from Love And Affiliations.

Ending a relationship is not easy, it is not a child’s play losing the one you love so much. I remember when my ex-boyfriend sent me text messages, he called, and threatened to kill himself if I do not forgive him and fix our relationship. He could not accept the fact that I was leaving him, it was killing him that he found himself laying in the hospital. It is very painful when one leaves you, especially for the next person. It is heart-breaking losing someone you love over mistakes that you were warned about. It is indeed a suicidal situation at times especially when you have invested all your love and time on that person. When you dedicated all the years to a person, it is hard to let go nor accept the betrayal (we all know that). One feels betrayed, hurt, and miserable (you name it). I wish I could change the outcomes of relationships, I wish people could love each other unconditionally, I wished that people could stick to the one and only partner they love, and not hurt each other. I wonder why we tempted to have what’s others, I wonder why we oath to taste what is others and does not belong to us.

Why can’t we have one and not multi-partners?

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Love… commencing “Love And Affiliation.”

Is it appropriate for a person to go back to the same person who betrayed her/his love before?

It would be stupid of me to do so, although if you would or have or thinking of doing so or just did so, I will not judge you because I would not know what drove you back to that person. There is a large number of man and women that I know whom went back to their ex-lover who did them wrong for the sake of love, for the sake of belonging, because they think that they belong to them. Which is not true because most of them realize later on the stage that it was not love and some do not comprehension this. This kind of relationships are likely to be abusive, and obsessive. They often think that they know this person better, he/she was there this whole years. When the love is gone, when the relationship is dead is dead, and that we have to bear in mind. It does not mean that I spent most of my years with or my time or maybe I knows everything about you therefore I belong to you forever. No, do not let yourself feel this way, do not let emotions and negative thoughts manipulate you and keep you in a meaningless relationship that you do not need no more. Do not stay for the sake of your children, house, wealth or so forth. Your happiness is important.

Love And Affiliation

The story of Love & Relationship was created and written by Mmabatho Sebeloane, sharing her knowledge and experience of love and relationship.

Mmabatho is a young beautiful woman who was raised by her grandmother. She was sexually abused when she was 12 years old but she was strong enough to forgive, move on and love the opposite sex again. She is one of a kind, with a mind of her own, creative, witty, and smart, and she is a doer and not a dreamer (inspired by Donald Trump). She does not let minor impediments bring her down, she strives for what she desires and follows her passion even though it might seem hard to reach it but she makes sure she does. Love & affiliations is a book about different experiences on love and relationships including her bad and good experiences of love in different relationships, and other people’s knowledge of associations. She speaks more about falling in and out of love, the feeling of getting hurt, how we behave when we hurt or what we do when we hurt, communication, having multi partners and more. She decided to write this book about Love and Affiliations because she found her love affair and everything in her lifespan interesting in a way that she could tell a story or share it with people. In this book you will learn more about different proficiencies of love and relationships… her wish is for people to learn from her mistakes and experiences so that they should not fall for the trap. Her deed would be women reading this book and get motivation, know who they are, know their worth, strength, never look down on yourself, she wants women to respect themselves, to be independent and never depend on someone to make them feel worthy or happy. Being loved by someone else is not the only way to finding your true meaning on earth or happiness. Most of her relationships, at first they seem to be something that will last forever but at the end of the day she becomes miserable; hurt, betrayed, and used. Although she went through all this she never gave up in love and correlation, she kept on searching until a good man came along and reassured her. We all know that relationships has their ups and downs. “They sometimes do not go as planned,” but believe me, you when I say it’s always the case. She believes in love in an unbelievable way. She never wants to be alone, and she fights for what’s hers.

When her friend said to her she should forget about love and affairs because they not meant for her. She said to her: “l never give up on what I believe and I am a clever women who will try and fail but never fail to try.”


I hope I find a publisher soon..


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