A man thought that he was loved but not knowing that she loved him for what he had. I wish he was there to see the pain he left upon the hands of his family.

My aunts ex-husband was a bitch… he left my aunt 3 years ago and constantly came to see his children. He left my aunt with a broken-heart and the hope that his man will come back again to her, so they can be lovers again. She loved him with all she had and when he came and went she worried less because she knew one day he will come back.

Jeff apparently married a young woman whom they dated for years. He thought it was true but he was blinded. After a while he got sick and demanded a divorce but the young lady refused. He got worse in a manner that he failed to speak, walk nor see, but before that he made a confession to his family, “apologising for everything and wishing he could regain all the time and moments wasted.” But it was too late.

Did he really have to come to my aunt when he was close to dying? But that is what most man do… my grandfather did the same to my grandmother (came back when he was dying)

He died after three months, he died on the 4th October 2015. And the wife he was married to came through and demanded his husband’s car, she could not wait for his burial to pass, all she ever wanted was materialistic things. The sad part is that, she did not come to his “husbands” funeral. My aunt who was left with the broken-heart, who faced depression because of this man, who lost weight, who could not focus on his life and put herself together arranged for his funeral and buried him because she loved him.

See what love does? Thus choose carefully on whom you spend the rest of your life with.