I have always wished to be a blogger, I had a passion to write for and to people from a young age. I started writing a book when I was 10 years old, it was about my childhood and growing without your parents whilst they breathing, it is not in stores as yet because I have not found a publisher and now I am done with my second book ‘Love And Affiliation’ (Clandestine). I believe in myself, therefore when the time is right, they shall be in stores. I always had a passion to express myself to you, and I followed this passion and never gave up. Some of my stories are going to touch you, some will heal you, you will learn, gain knowledge, understand and you will be somehow glad to hear my stories because they might encourage you to give up on what is not worth it and some will encourage you to never give up and strive for what belong to you. My aspiration is for my readers, followers, friend and my lover to walk this journey with me. As I am sharing my experience of Love and Relationships. You welcome to comment and teach me more if you can. My failures and achievements will be firstly known by you because this is the place were I express myself.

My man always say, “It always seems impossible until it is done!”