Ending a relationship is not easy, it is not a child’s play losing the one you love so much. I remember when my ex-boyfriend sent me text messages, he called, and threatened to kill himself if I do not forgive him and fix our relationship. He could not accept the fact that I was leaving him, it was killing him that he found himself laying in the hospital. It is very painful when one leaves you, especially for the next person. It is heart-breaking losing someone you love over mistakes that you were warned about. It is indeed a suicidal situation at times especially when you have invested all your love and time on that person. When you dedicated all the years to a person, it is hard to let go nor accept the betrayal (we all know that). One feels betrayed, hurt, and miserable (you name it). I wish I could change the outcomes of relationships, I wish people could love each other unconditionally, I wished that people could stick to the one and only partner they love, and not hurt each other. I wonder why we tempted to have what’s others, I wonder why we oath to taste what is others and does not belong to us.

Why can’t we have one and not multi-partners?

 ‪#‎Love‬ and Affiliation