Is it appropriate for a person to go back to the same person who betrayed her/his love before?

It would be stupid of me to do so, although if you would or have or thinking of doing so or just did so, I will not judge you because I would not know what drove you back to that person. There is a large number of man and women that I know whom went back to their ex-lover who did them wrong for the sake of love, for the sake of belonging, because they think that they belong to them. Which is not true because most of them realize later on the stage that it was not love and some do not comprehension this. This kind of relationships are likely to be abusive, and obsessive. They often think that they know this person better, he/she was there this whole years. When the love is gone, when the relationship is dead is dead, and that we have to bear in mind. It does not mean that I spent most of my years with or my time or maybe I knows everything about you therefore I belong to you forever. No, do not let yourself feel this way, do not let emotions and negative thoughts manipulate you and keep you in a meaningless relationship that you do not need no more. Do not stay for the sake of your children, house, wealth or so forth. Your happiness is important.