The story of Love & Relationship was created and written by Mmabatho Sebeloane, sharing her knowledge and experience of love and relationship.

Mmabatho is a young beautiful woman who was raised by her grandmother. She was sexually abused when she was 12 years old but she was strong enough to forgive, move on and love the opposite sex again. She is one of a kind, with a mind of her own, creative, witty, and smart, and she is a doer and not a dreamer (inspired by Donald Trump). She does not let minor impediments bring her down, she strives for what she desires and follows her passion even though it might seem hard to reach it but she makes sure she does. Love & affiliations is a book about different experiences on love and relationships including her bad and good experiences of love in different relationships, and other people’s knowledge of associations. She speaks more about falling in and out of love, the feeling of getting hurt, how we behave when we hurt or what we do when we hurt, communication, having multi partners and more. She decided to write this book about Love and Affiliations because she found her love affair and everything in her lifespan interesting in a way that she could tell a story or share it with people. In this book you will learn more about different proficiencies of love and relationships… her wish is for people to learn from her mistakes and experiences so that they should not fall for the trap. Her deed would be women reading this book and get motivation, know who they are, know their worth, strength, never look down on yourself, she wants women to respect themselves, to be independent and never depend on someone to make them feel worthy or happy. Being loved by someone else is not the only way to finding your true meaning on earth or happiness. Most of her relationships, at first they seem to be something that will last forever but at the end of the day she becomes miserable; hurt, betrayed, and used. Although she went through all this she never gave up in love and correlation, she kept on searching until a good man came along and reassured her. We all know that relationships has their ups and downs. “They sometimes do not go as planned,” but believe me, you when I say it’s always the case. She believes in love in an unbelievable way. She never wants to be alone, and she fights for what’s hers.

When her friend said to her she should forget about love and affairs because they not meant for her. She said to her: “l never give up on what I believe and I am a clever women who will try and fail but never fail to try.”


I hope I find a publisher soon..